What  are people saying about Mr. Emery

Dear Egor,

Joy and I join with many Lake County citizens in our enthusiastic support for you in your quest for a seat on The Lake County Commission.

I can think of no individual who is as qualified as you for this public service. Your knowledge of the issues and challenges that face our county is impressive. You are obviously a man who does his homework. Furthermore, your passion for preserving and sustaining the quality of life that makes Lake County attractive- coupled with your mastery of the facts and issues- make you the ideal fit for this job at this time.

As I have grown to know you, I am convinced that you would be a most effective public servant- one who bases his decisions on the long-term best interest of our community.


Frank Wood

Lake County Teacher of the Year, 1996
National Board Certified Teacher, 2003



I want to tell you that I really believe in you and will vote for you in November and I will tell everyone else to do the same.  You are an exceptional person and very driven to do the right thing. I respect you greatly.

Ken Laroe
Retired Bank President


“Emery knows growth and environment issues thoroughly and if elected, he would be scrupulous in doing the right thing.”

-Lauren Ritchie, Orlando Sentinel  2006



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