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For  nearly 20 years I have been building a base of knowledge and experience through involvement in issues which have faced Lake County. I have attended County Commission meetings, workshops, public hearings, and conferences. I have attended Planning meetings, Zoning meetings, Board of Adjustment meetings, and as a member, years worth of  Board appointed committee meetings. I have attended city government meetings and workshops all over Lake County. I have been to conferences hosted by the Saint Johns River Water Management District, the Smart Growth Coalition, and various other groups and agencies too numerous to enumerate.

I have dedicated much of my productive efforts to make Lake County a better place for myself, my children, my neighbors and fellow citizens. I have worked with many others on many issues over the last 20 years. There have been a few true victories, and many setbacks. Along the way it became clear that there were opportunities to make a difference in Lake County's future, and time and again the Lake County Commission was the one agency involved in many important decisions. I believe that now is a critical time to make a change of course away from the explosive, poorly planned growth that is sprawling over Lake County. We must make a stand now.

We have a unique opportunity to build a sustainable community where the qualities that make Lake County such a special place are conserved, and where the children of our children can also build a future. I am running for Lake County Commission because the one lesson I have learned over the last 20 years is that each of us is either the problem or the solution. I stand for solving the problems we face as a community.

I believe my experience, commitment, and vision make me the best choice for Lake County Commission District 4, and I ask you to vote for E. K. Emery on November 7.




E. K.  Emery

copyright E. K. Emery, 2006

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