About Mr. Emery

Born                       1960 Deland Florida

Education                 1-12 DeKalb County, GA (Atlanta area)

College                     Daytona Beach Community College

                                 University of Florida:  Chemistry major

Married                     1987-present to Betty

Children                   daughter 16, son 13

Employment               1996-present        Sun Cycle Center, Inc.

                                 1997-present       Owner of Daytona Safety Crew, Inc.

                                 1988- 2004         Owner lawn maintenance business

                                 1991-1996         Bobís Landscaping

Civic activities             1987-present        Member Lake County Conservation                                                                                  Council, served on the Board of  Directors,Vice                                                                  President, and President

                                   1999-present        Member of Alliance to Protect Water Resources

                                   2003-present        Volunteer for Lake County Public Schools

                                   1996-present        Volunteer for Mt. Dora Bicycle Festival

Appointed by Board of County Commissioners

                                 2004-present          Member Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee
                                                                (Lake-Sumter Metropolitan Planning Org)

                                 2001-2004             Member Palatlakaha Environmental and                                                                              Agricultural Reserve Park advisory committee

                                 1998                     Member Parks and Recreation  Element EAR                                                                     (comprehensive plan) committee

Citizen/Activist           Intervenor Comprehensive Plan (1991)

                                 Against  Garbage incinerator (we bought it, but donít own it)

           Against Sugarloaf Development

           For protection of Wekiva River Protection Area/ Wekiva Spring          Shed

           For sensible transportation solutions in the Wekiva Basin, as per            Wekiva Study

           For adoption and enforcement of a strong Comprehensive Plan


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