Help Us Win

To Donate:Send a check with the correct address and your occupation, (or if a business, the nature of the business: auto repair, bicycle shop, etc) to the address below.

E. K. Emery Campaign

35544 Estes RD

Eustis FL  32736

The cynical view is that every election is an auction. The reality is that even a grassroots campaign must be funded. Without money there can be no mail, or literature, or cards, or even buttons. We need every vote we can get, and every vote requires the expenditure of at least $1.

To see who is bidding, study the actual campaign finance reports at Emogene’s site. Or check out the totals compiled here.

If you believe in our effort to save our community from the sprawlmongers then donate today!

The maximum an individual may give is $500. We encourage all voters to contribute. However, we will not accept donations from developers, their agents, or anyone who will need to appear before the Commission for a land use change.

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